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The Kevin Eadie Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established June 2007 in honor of Kevin Matthew Eadie.  Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by Federal & State laws.


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As Kevin's Mom, I can never find enough words to express how blessed I am to have had Kevin as my son.  I am forever grateful he became a part of my life on December 24, 1993.  I am a better person. 

On that cold and snowy Christmas Eve, while looking at my sweet tiny baby boy, I wondered in my dream-like state if the moment was real.  I then said to my own Mother that I couldn't believe he was mine and my greatest of hopes is to be the best Mom I can be.  In the most loving of voice, she replied, "From this day on, your life will never be the same".  No truer words spoken.   Kevin made it very easy for me to be his Mom.  He was such a joy to have around and every inch of him lovable.  I've never met anyone in my entire life so sweet.   "Kevin Matthew" - his name means "handsome gift from God".   On that Christmas Day, I took home the most precious of gifts.

Alot of people believe in Guardian Angels.  You know - loved ones who have left us here on Earth and are now watching over us.  Having Kevin in my life made me realize there is a different group of Angels.  Real life Angels here on Earth living among us - those I call "Ascending Angels".  It's a very small select group.  Well, at least this is what I believe!  For those of you who were blessed to know Kevin, maybe you know what I mean and you believe too.  "Ascending Angels" are human beings living among us who make a significant and profound impact on the lives of many through their goodness.  A pure goodness that brings out the best in all of us.  Those who are not necessarily born great but are destined to be great & do great things.  That was my Kevin. 

Kevin had a way of making everyone around him feel happy.  His smile and giggles were disarming to the most serious of individuals.  He wanted to and could- engage just about everyone he came in contact with.  Although he was just a little boy, he was wise beyond his years and was an 'Old Soul'.  I think somehow he must have known he had to pack alot of life into a very short time.  

My 'Old Soul' Kevin could also be the silliest of all comedians.  He could make you laugh just watching him laugh.  I used to make him laugh repeatedly.  I really couldn't understand why as I've never been a funny or comical kind of person - just the opposite - somewhat on the serious side.  But somehow, I'd make him laugh constantly.  So I found myself asking him, "Why do you think I'm so funny?"  "Is it what I say or how I say it?"  He replied, "Oh Mom, it's both - it's just you!"  But in reality ... it was him!

Kevin wanted people to be kind and loving to one another.  He had great compassion for others.  Kevin wasn't prejudice; Kevin had no biases and he held no grudges.  He was just ... sweet & kind ... in every way. 

Kevin wanted to befriend everyone he met.  It didn't matter if he/she was the bus driver, the cashier, the taxi driver, the banker, the celebrity, the foreigner, the young - the old.  And when they met Kevin, they carried away something internally better.  Experiencing these small miracles on a daily basis from such a very young person helped me come to the realization that my Kevin was an "Ascending Angel".

Kevin loved his family, his friends, & his Peninsula Pilots.  He cherished many people - too many to name.  I know that Kevin made a significant impact to their lives, and particularly my own.   He touched lives - young & old - around the world.  Kevin loved baseball and he loved the Hawaiian Islands.   

Besides Kevin's sweetness, he was very brave and courageous.  He was the bravest person I've ever met.  He fought his illness with great courage and perseverence; a true Champion.  He never gave up even when times were the worst and his suffering great.  Even though his losses continued to add up, he never felt sorry for himself.  Kevin lost his ability to speak in January, 2006.  It broke my heart that his angelic voice was silenced.  Somehow, five months later on Mother's Day, Kevin managed to give me the most special of all gifts, , he spoke the words, "Happy Mother's Day, Mom".  "I love you."  He never spoke again.

Kevin bestowed a small fraction of his courage upon me and with that courage, I will continue in our quest to find a cure for NPC.  Everyday & every moment of the day  - my heart hurts, & I miss my Kevin.  Despite my grief, my 'Ascending Angel'  blessed my life in so many ways.  Now, he is my ... "Guardian Angel".

With love,

Brenda (always…Kevin’s Mom)   

Kevin & Danny Couch 

Kevin had a genuine love & respect for the Hawaiian Islands, it's people, and culture.  He often said,  "I left my heart and soul in Hawaii."   Kevin is now laid to rest on the beautiful Island of Maui.  We thank Singer/Songwriter Danny Couch whose love of 'These Islands'  & his music reflective of that love - inspired Kevin & created a bond within his heart for their shared love of Hawaii.  "Danny, Mahalo nui loa for the gift of sunshine you gave Kevin through your beautiful voice."

'To Where You Are'  by  Danny Couch


This page is dedicated to my beloved Angel Kevin for whom I could never repay all the love and joy he gave to me as well as to many other people.  I was definitely touched by an Angel. 

"Aloha Kevin ... I love you & miss you!   Love, Mom”